Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you produce enamel heat-exchange elements?

    The СМКА® profiles are covered with vitreous enamel coating applied by means of special technology by Ferro Techniek BV. This is the only suitable enamel coating that meets all the technical requirements of the corrosion protection coating for effective CMKA® heat-exchange elements that operate in boilers using any type of fuel, as well as in De-NOx and DE-SOx systems.

  • What kinds of designed profiles could be replaced by СМКА® profile?

    Any profile (including DU, DL, NF6 and others). СМКА® profile was specially designed as more efficiency replacement for all kinds of designed profiles. For the ultimate efficiency our technical specialists design our profile for an every customer because each boiler unit has its own unique characteristics.

  • What the exact difference of СМКА® profile from the others kinds of profile?

    Due to CMKA® profile unique characteristics air and gas flows in regenerative air preheater have optimal turbulence unlike flows in other kinds of profile. This allows us to reach the more effective heat exchange with the less heating surface and less weight.

  • What is the service life of the CMKA® heat-exchange elements?

    Service life of any heat exchange elements to a considerable degree depends on enamel coating, design peculiarities, fuel type used for the boiler, temperature of cold air fed to regenerative air heater, i.e. it depends on work of calorifers and many other reasons.

    Service life of СМКА® heat exchange elements considerably exceeds the service life of standard heat-exchange elements and could be greatly increased if apply additional measures:

    • elimination of heat loss in regenerative air heater;
    • rising air heating before regenerative air heater up to the required value;
    • more even distribution of gas and air flows in regenerative air heater;
    • certain storage conditions of regenerative air heater during standstill, and other measures for which we are ready to provide our recommendations.

    Guarantee period of СМКА® heat-exchange elements is 36 months starting from the day of putting into operation.

  • For which boilers of the former Soviet manufacture (models and manufacturer) can you produce heat-exchange elements?

    The СМКА®profile is suitable for all types of boilers produced in the Soviet and post-Soviet period, as well as for foreign-made boilers.